How should I do if my customer ignore me before ordering a batch of chargers?

Disbelief in wall charger selling
Better Factory Service Quality

Before the new year, Penny came to an agreement with a Korean customer and two batches of wall chargers were required to be delivered before the Spring Festival. Penny contacted the factory and the factory answered positively and asked Penny not to worry.

Earlier, Penny’s company had been in cooperation with this customer from Korea until the factory purchased inferior raw materials and applied them in the production of Korean customer’s order so the Korean customer got thwarted and had their reputation compromised.

Through Penny’s unceasing efforts and after her promise that such mistakes wouldn’t be made again and raw materials of great quality would be applied, and with the company’s permission, the Korean customer could place orders without paying the down payment afterwards, the customer came back, granting Penny’s company a chance while stating that that sort of thing mustn’t occur once more.

In the order before the New Year, ten days passed after Penny signed the contract with the customer, the first batch of goods got manufactured but the second batch wouldn’t be available for shipment before the Spring Festival as the equipment maintenance should be made in the workshop of the factory.

However, the customer didn’t respond. After the Spring Festival, Penny immediately arranged the production of the second batch of goods. Before long, it’s done and Penny contacted the customer by email or by telephone but in vain. The customer just ignored them.

Penny’s manager predicted that the customer might ask another supplier for supply while Penny still couldn’t understand if the customer intended to seek another supplier, why wouldn’t he make any explanation to Penny? Why didn’t the customer inform Penny of how to cope with the second batch of cargoes? Was he mad at Penny?

It can be inferred from this case that both Penny and the factory didn’t posses a good service awareness. The customer had three orders and for the first one, the factory utilized inferior raw materials to reduce the cost of production and profit illegally and they almost lost the customer. Penny had to make the concession of not receiving the down payment so that the customer could forgive her while the third order went wrong either. The factory was aware of the commitment that the cargoes should be produced before the New Year while it didn’t make a reasonable arrangement for the maintenance of equipment, and it’s very inconceivable that Penny just told the customer that the cargoes could be manufactured after the New Year.

Therefore, foreign traders should also be careful when choosing a factory.

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