LDNIO focuses on R&D, manufacturing of chargers and accessories. After 20 years of development, we have accumulated rich experience in mobile phone chargers, car chargers, data cables, power banks, power strip products, now we can provide perfect charging solutions and professional OEM/ODM services for users all over the world.

Phone Charger
Car Charger
Data Cable
Power Bank
power Strip

Phone Charger

LDNIO keep up with new cell phone charging techonology, PD, QC, AFC, FCP, SCP, PPS, VOOC, GaN, Supper Si.

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Car Charger

Mini size, fashion appearance, multiple protection, safe to use, fast charging without damage to your car battery.

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Data Cable

Fast charging, high-speed data transmission, high quality terminal and cable core, safe, sturdy and durable.

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Power Bank

Turbo power engine, ultra modern appearance, safe and high density Li-polymer, meet different charging demands, with Multi-protection.

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power Strip

Best materials and components in the world, PC/ABS, copper, switch, power cord, plug, USB ports, safety is always the most important.

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LDNIO, bring technological advances to more people.

LDNIO, China s electronic accessory exporting enterprise leader, IS09001 International quality system authorized enterprise. " CHINA HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISE" title awarded by China government.We focus on the development, production and sales of electronic accessories and providing high-quality products and service as well as professional services.At present, LDNIO has formed a complete charging products range which includes home chargers, car chargers, power strips, power bank,wireless charger, data cable.



Annual shipments of 50 million pieces


100+ countries and regions


20 years of innovation


One-Stop Service

Research and development, design, production, sales in one, procurement, warehousing, logistics, customs clearance one-stop service.

Dual-Cores Drive Of Brand

Large modern factory through ISO9001 international quality certification system, professional cell phone charging brand with fast charging as the core technology.

Building Industry Barriers

Has established a complete matrix of fast charging products, more than 500 models covering home, car chargers, mobile power, data cables, plugs and other charging categories.

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【New】 P10: My power is my greatest ability.
【New】 P10: My power is my greatest ability. July 27

LDNIO NEW P10 10000mAh Digital Display Power Bank Electric Portable Power Supply Dual USB Power Bank.

【New】Working Principle and Basic Components of A Mobile Charger
【New】Working Principle and Basic Components of A Mobile Charger October 26

All mobile phones must be charged once used up. In this article, I will take you through the working principle and the basic components of a mobile charger.

【New】How Does a Wall Charger Work?
【New】How Does a Wall Charger Work? October 17

Wall chargers are the most popularly used chargers. It is also identified as a USB charger, which is plugged with a USB port that plugs directly into a power outlet. IIt is used for charging your smartphones and other portable devices. They can also be known as fast chargers, GaN chargers, and USB-C chargers.  In this blog post, we shall be guiding you through the various types of wall chargers and how they work. Keep reading.

【New】Exquisite design, makes your life extraordinary.
【New】Exquisite design, makes your life extraordinary. July 27

LDNIO New A2318C Dual USB Fast Charger PD 20W Home Charger With Cable US EU Plug Portable Quick Charger.

【New】Update 65W! Every change makes me stronger.
【New】Update 65W! Every change makes me stronger. July 27

LDNIO 65W Desktop Charger USB Charging Station 6 Ports Multifunction Chargers PD QC3.0 Power Station Fast Portable Charger.

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