Wifi Smart Power Strip

Wifi Smart Power Strip

Wifi Smart Power Strip

WIFI smart strip, breakthrough smart home consistent complex system image, without complicated installation process, plug and play, with a handful of smart phones and independent APP, can allow you to remote control home appliances in any part of the world.


It supports Android/ios mainstream operating system, download the application, you can realize local and remote free control.


WIFI smart strip supports real-time status feedback, which can feed back the working status of appliances to the client in real time, and supports multiple timer task settings. The mobile client can control multiple smart sockets.


LDNIO adds smart reminder function to our own wifi socket to help you disconnect related appliances in time and reduce power waste.



Remote Control

Use App to monitor the household appliances connected on smart plug, so convenient for daily life.

On-time Reminder

Help to avoid the long–term operation of the electrical appliance due to negligence and reduce the waste of resources.


Our products are certified for safety/EMC/Environment in all countries of the world, UL,CE,CCC, CB,BIS,SASO,BV,CESI, ROHS,FCC.



The design of our products' appearance is more preferred to young people, and you can see some elements that you can't see on other brands, such as sharper contours, metal parts of the casing, and novel trim patterns. You can't see antiquity and conservatism on our products. Young, and different, is our relentless pursuit.


We pay more attention to practicality in the details, such as you plug the charger into the power outlet, in those sides that you pinch with your fingers, we will use the pattern so as to achieve the effect of non-slip. After the charger is inserted into the socket, the side facing the sky, we will use a smooth design so that it is not easy to accumulate dust, and easy to clean.

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