Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

Car wireless charger as an excellent wireless charging application scenario, without frequent plugging and unplugging charging cable, is a great tool to increase driving safety and improve the quality of life of car owners, greatly improving the experience of using and charging cell phones in the car.


Wireless charging in the car, there are two ways: front-loading and rear-loading. Front loading refers to the car in the factory with a wireless charging device, generally located in the central storage box, armrest box position, cell phones into the charging device can be charged. The rear installation is to add a car bracket and other devices to achieve wireless charging, installation position is not fixed, can be installed in the air conditioning vents, car center console and other locations, or with the suction cup adsorption on the windshield.


At present, most cars haven't wireless charging function, so the rear-installation becomes the mainstream solution.


LDNIO has been focusing on charging products, and after a long time of research and testing, it has launched several models of wireless charging products for cars in 2021 and has received QI certificate from WPC.



Wireless Charging

No need to plug charging cable, just place your phone on it and it will start charging automatically, more convenient and faster.

Support Apple

Supports all Apple's phones and headphones with wireless charging function, enjoy the beauty of Apple products.

QI Verified

All LDNIO wireless car chargers follow the QI protocol of the Wireless Charging Consortium WPC and has been officially certified by this organisation.


High Efficiency 

Up to 15W, surpasses most 5W and 10W wireless chargers on the market, giving you a better wireless charging experience.

Low Energy Consumption

Ultra-low power consumption and low heat generation, no need to worry about high temperatures in your phone or wireless charger.

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