Micro & IOS & type C

Micro & IOS & type C

Micro & IOS & type C

There are three main types of data cables used for digital electronics.

1. Micro USB data cable Although many cell phones have begun to apply USB Type-C data cable, but to say the most common data cable for Android series cell phones, it is still the "Micro USB".



2, USB Type-C data cable USB Type-C is an iterative version of Micro USB, but the essence is also very different, and the biggest improvement is the size of the charging power, it can charge up to 100W.


3, Lighting data cable About "Lighting data cable", most cell phone users may not know what kind of data cable it is, but to say that the Apple phone, almost no one knows, and the so-called "Lighting data cable", is the Apple phone dedicated Data cable.



High-Speed Transmission

Premium core of cable, 480Mbps data transfer rate, enjoy high speed network

Support Quick Charging

Super low impedance, thick cable with big cross section, max 2.4A fast charging.

High Quality Cables

High Quality Nylon/PVC, anti-winding, wear-resistant, anti-tangle, resisting to bend and drag.



The design of our products' appearance is more preferred to young people, and you can see some elements that you can't see on other brands, such as sharper contours, metal parts of the casing, and novel trim patterns. You can't see antiquity and conservatism on our products. Young, and different, is our relentless pursuit.


LDNIO selects the world's best materials, uses the world's most advanced manufacturing process and the world's strictest quality management system, the world's highest quality data cable has always been our only goal.

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