Bluetooth FM Car Charger

Bluetooth FM Car Charger

Bluetooth FM Car Charger

Car Bluetooth is a wireless hands-free and music playing system in the car designed and developed based on wireless Bluetooth technology.
In use, the Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and the car stereo together, you can play the music from the cell phone to the car stereo, and at the same time, when the call comes, to achieve hands-free calls and reduce the potential traffic accidents.


However, the car Bluetooth mass popularity in 2010, the car before that year almost without Bluetooth function, if these "old car" would forever have no relationship to Bluetooth?
The answer is not, as long as your car has cigarette lighter and support FM, we can use LDNIO Bluetooth FM converter to make the "old car" have Bluetooth function.


Plug LDNIO Bluetooth FM converter into your car cigarette lighter, your cell phone can connect to our converter through Bluetooth, adjust the FM frequency of the converter to make it same with your car FM radio (87.5-108MHz), then the cell phone music and phone signal can be transmitted to your car stereo through Bluetooth + FM technology, then your "old car" has the Bluetooth function, you can play music or programs in your car via cell phone and use Bluetooth phone freely.


Of course, LDNIO Bluetooth FM converter also comes with many functions, such as USB charging, U-DISK/TF card to play music, and LED desplay to show FM frequency and your car battery voltage.



Bluetooth 5.0

4X range, 8X data, with it you can also enjoy better sound quality and hands-free calls in an old car.

Fast Charging

USB-A/C ports, support QC3.0/QC4.0/PD3.0/SCP/VOOC/AFC/FCP/AUTO-ID, up to 25W fast charging.

Play Music

With U-disk and TF card reading and palying function, insert them and play audio files immediately.


Hi-Fi Experience

Use the world's best Bluetooth, FM chip and noise cancellation technology, provide you high quality music streaming.

Strengthen Contact

LDNIO's exclusive design, use better bullet material, compatible with most of the cigarette lighter sizes on the market.

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