Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

Wireless charging technology, derived from wireless energy transmission technology, can be divided into two types: low-power wireless charging and high-power wireless charging. Low power wireless charging often uses electromagnetic induction, which is the Qi protocol for charging our mobile phones, from which 5W,10W,15W wireless charging technology has been developed.


Only a very few mobile device manufacturers have tried wireless charging. In 2017, Apple released iPhone 8, which supports wireless charging technology, and since then, more and more mobile devices started to support this technology.


LDNIO has always been concerned about the development of wireless charging technology, at the first time to layout the relevant industry chain after the breakthrough of this technology, released our own 5W, 10W, 15W wireless chargers.



Wireless Charging

No need to connect a charging cable, just place your phone on it and it will start charging automatically, more convenient and faster.

Support Apple

Supports all Apple's phones and headphones with wireless charging function, enjoy the beauty of Apple products.

QI Verified

All LDNIO wireless charger follow the QI protocol of the Wireless Charging Consortium WPC and has been officially certified by this organisation.


High Efficiency 

Up to 15W, surpasses most 5W and 10W wireless chargers on the market, giving you a better wireless charging experience.

Low Energy Consumption

Ultra-low power consumption and low heat generation, no need to worry about high temperatures in your phone or wireless charger.

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