UK Power Strip

UK Power Strip

UK Power Strip

British plugs are also known as BS (british standard) plugs, specifically referring to the British standard as a reference for the power plug. British plugs are assembled and injection molding, assembled British plugs can be removed, free personalization, while injection molding is generally integrated molding, can not be removed. Common British standards on the market are BS1363, BS546, BS5733, etc., which specify the standards that a product must follow to enter the UK.


British-style plugs are not only applicable to the United Kingdom itself, other countries have also extended its standards because of historical reasons (such as once a British colony), such as Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, Hong Kong-China and other countries and regions.


LDNIO, as a global top manufacturer of drain plug, attaches great importance to the European market. All spare parts such as plugs, power cords, power switches, overload protection switches, copper strips and plastic materials are strictly procured and designed according to European standards to ensure that all European standard drain plug products have passed CE certification.


At the same time, LDNIO also adds child safety protection door, and USB charging module to the European standard plug products according to its rich experience in the industry for more than ten years, making LDNIO's European standard plug safer and more convenient.



UK Standdad

Strictly procured and designed according to UK standards.

Scientific Design

Scientific design of plug jacks and copper pieces to ensure solid and safe.

Safty Door

Single metal bar or other objects in hands of young children can not be inserted.


Best Materials

850℃ flame retardant plastic shell, high purity phosphor bronze copper sheet, thickened and thickened power cord, power control switch and overload protection switch, both UL, VDE approved.


With child safety door, prevent naughty children from inserting metal objects into the jack, causing electric shock injuries. And our power strips have USB charging ports, no need to buy phone charger anymore.

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