USB Car Charger

USB Car Charger

USB car charger

Car chargers are car chargers that are routinely powered by car batteries (12V for cars, 24V for trucks) and are used in a large number of portable and handheld devices to charge lithium batteries. Such as: cell phones, PDA, GPS, etc.; car charger should take into account both the actual needs of lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, over-voltage protection OVP), but also the harsh environment of the car battery (transient spike voltage, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.).


LDNIO provides you with the perfect automotive USB charging solution: high-voltage, high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-frequency (EMI-friendly design) of the switching power supply chip.


LDNIO believes that safety is always the most important, so we designed 9 active protection functions for car USB charger, over-current protection, over-power protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, electromagnetic field protection, restoration of protection, and low voltage protection.



Size Compatibility

Compatible with all car cigarette lighters size on the market , do not worry about the unavailability caused by size mismatch.

Fast Charging

LDNIO's unique fast charging solution supports QC, PD, FCP, VOOC and other mainstream fast charging protocols.


9 active protection, let your car/truck/yacht/motorbike stay away from the risk of fire caused by charging, safety is always paramount.


Ultra Small Size

Scientific design and use new materials, make our USB car chargers ultra small size, some models are only 4.3cm in height, width 2.4cm, Very easy to use.

Youthful Appearance 

Everyone wants to keep a young heart, and LDNIO car chargers have been specially designed with many youthful models for this purpose.

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