90° Plug Cable

90° Plug Cable

90° Plug Cable

In daily life, we often face the problem of space lack /interference with straight plug-in type data cables, for example, laptop charging port near the wall or other items, there is only a little space, the interface of the straight plug-in type data cable will interfere with them.


For mobile game lovers, we need horizontal screen operation, at this time, the straight plug-in data cable is simply unbearable for them.


In order to give users a better experience, LDNIO specially designed data cables with 90-degree plugs and underwent rigorous life tests to ensure that these cables have the best quality in the world.



90° plug

90 degree plug provides a slim fit in narrow spaces, perfect fit-Compact with nearly all devices.

No Rust, No Oxidation

Aluminium alloy plug, machine-grinding highly polished, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, sturdy and wearable.

High Quality Cables

High Quality Nylon/PVC, anti-winding, wear-resistant, anti-tangle, resisting to bend and drag.



The design of our products' appearance is more preferred to young people, and you can see some elements that you can't see on other brands, such as sharper contours, metal parts of the casing, and novel trim patterns. You can't see antiquity and conservatism on our products. Young, and different, is our relentless pursuit.


Totally Unhindered Grip: The 90° connector design fits snugly against your phone to avoid interfering with your grip while gaming, perfect fit-Compact with nearly all devices.

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