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QHow long does it take to charge the mobile phone to charge a mobile phone? Can you charge a fre times?


Our current mobile power supply is 5V output, so the output current determines the time to charge the mobile phone, The calculation method is as follows:

1. The battery capacity is divided by the charging current, and then multiplied by the coefficient 1.2, and the time unit is hour. Be Explanation: General battery capacity is indicated on the battery, and the larger the value, the greater the value of the value.

2. Example: The battery capacity of a mobile phone is 1810 mA, the charger charging current is 1000mA (mA), the charging time is (1810 mA / 1000 mA) × 1.2 = 2.17 hours, then this battery The charging time using this charger is 2.17 hours. The number of charging is that the phone's battery capacity and the actual release capacity of mobile power supply are determined. The formula is simplified: 10000 * 85% * 90% = 7650mAh, 7650/1810 = 4.22 times.

QIs the output voltage of the mobile power supply?


Our current mobile power is 5V +/- 0.25V output, the process is stable to be around 5V, but some mobile phones are like iPhones, the input voltage is very sensitive, the quality of mobile power output is not stable: higher than 5.5V, or less than 4.75V, it is not recognized. In addition, if the charging wire used is too long (the internal resistance is too large), the wire loss voltage is too large, and the actual voltage reaching the phone is too low, and it will not be recognized.

QWhy the power supply can't boot?


For reason:

1. Excessive discharge: After too long, the mobile power is over-discharge, enter overprotect, resulting in unable to turn on, at this time, it can be charged for a mobile power supply, which can be used normally. It is recommended to charge a mobile power to a time every 2 months;

2. Self-protection: due to overload, short circuit, etc., automatic protection, at which time the method of activation is also charged by the mobile power supply;

QCharging the mobile power to 3 grid, turn off the charge into a 2 grid?


The principle of mobile power indication is to determine the amount of power based on the compression value of the battery. When the cell is charged, the voltage is slightly higher than the normal voltage. When discharging is discharged, the electrical core voltage is slightly below the normal voltage.

QWhy is the price difference between mobile power?



1. Capacity is different: theoretical, the larger the power supply capacity, the higher the price, after all, the battery is an important part of the power supply cost;

2. The battery is very different; The reason for this phenomenon is the most important thing is that the battery is imported, and the mobile power cell is imported. There are also domestic, A products, B products and C products, and even the second-hand cells and disassembled electrical cells. The price difference is very different. ;

3. Quality of the circuit board: The high-quality circuit board not only has a charge and discharge circuit, but also overflowing the stream and other protection circuit functions. The quality of electronic components is different. Natural costs will be much different;

4. Case and Data cable quality problem: The price is of course different, and there is currently the MICRO to Type-C or Lightning Connector, depending on person, some people think that the original wire can be used by the charging equipment, does not need to turn Connector, especially the iPhone class product, the converted head in the mobile power supply is difficult to compare with the original iPhone plug, but some people think that the adapter is used to facilitate the use of each product, so it is equipped with the output line and adapter. The price is also higher.

QWhy do you have any display or reaction in a pressing button?


Because the product itself has the function of double-clicking the button to strong shutdown, the pressing button will enter the shutdown mode, and there is no output and power display in the shutdown state, so it belongs to normal;

Q Is it safe enough to charge? Is there a temperature probe? Can fast charge fever?


Charge is very secure; Core; 3, under the design of the maximum charge and discharge voltage, the battery is temperature controlled within the new national standard; 4. Because of the smart chip, whether your phone supports fast charge, our products will provide a matching voltage Current, so don't worry that the fast charge will be fully charged.

QCan I charge my mobile phone wireless?


Yes, first you need your phone to support wireless charging; Second, before charging the mobile phone, you need to shake or vibrate or press the mobile power button to start; The latency of wireless charging is about 1 second; Again, please align the device and mobile power in the middle of the device and mobile power, the excessive positional offset may not trigger wireless charging. Or is too low in charge.

QCan I faster my Apple mobile phone?


iPhone8 and the above models support wireless and wired fast charge.

QHow can I charge the mobile power to charge faster?


Please use the fast charger and wire to charge the mobile power, even if you do not have a fast charge and wire, make sure that the charger you use is greater than or equal to 10W (5V2A); if you use charging to 5V1A) or less than 5V1A may have a case where charging does not enter or charge too slow.

QIs there an overload protection?


Yes, as long as it is an insertion itself with an overload protector, or the switch integrates the overload protector can automatically disconnect the power supply in the case of using the power exceeding the rated power, it is necessary to turn it again when the power is turned on again. Press the switch; the company has a model with overload protection.

QIs there a lighting protection / anti-surge protection?


Yes, as long as it is equipped with pressure sensitive resistance inside itself, it can play lightning protection, anti-surge, pressure sensitive model: 14d561K (230V European countries), pressure sensitive model: 14D201K (USA. Philippines Taiwan uses);


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