Data Adapter

Data Adapter

Data Adapter

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic products, we often face the problem of data interface and data cable mismatch, for example, the data port on the device is USB, but the data cable in our hands is type-C, not only the interface size is different, while the interface data transmission protocol is also different.

LDNIO specially designed the interface converter from the user's standpoint.




High-Speed Transmission

Premium core of cable, 480Mbps data transfer rate, enjoy high speed network

Support Quick Charging

Super low impedance, thick cable with big cross section, max 2.4A fast charging.

High Quality Materials

High Quality aluminium alloy/PC/ABS, sturdy, durable, flame retardant, safe to use.



The design of our products' appearance is more preferred to young people, and you can see some elements that you can't see on other brands, such as sharper contours, metal parts of the casing, and novel trim patterns. You can't see antiquity and conservatism on our products. Young, and different, is our relentless pursuit.

Easy operation

Not only a size of the conversion, there's built-in protocol conversion chip, no need to install a separate protocol conversion and driver in the device, just plug to convert, enjoy the speed and convenience of technological advances!

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