Universal Power Strip

Universal Power Strip

Universal Power Strip

In this era of economic globalization, we often travel, travel, and even get other countries' standard electrical equipment, but because of the mismatch between the size of the plug and the socket, we can not use this equipment.


So universal power strip was born, using compatible jack size to ensure that any national standard plug can be inserted smoothly.


LDNIO, as the world's top manufacturer of power strip, has our own unique understanding of universal power strip. In order to minimize the possible safety hidden danger caused by compatibility design, the copper piece inside the power strip is specially designed to ensure that the contact surface between the metal part of each standard plug and the copper piece is large enough and firm enough after insertion.


At the same time, we add child safety doors to ensure that a single metal bar or other metal objects in the hands of young children can not be inserted, LDNIO insists that curiosity is the nature of children, but should not be the reason for children to be hurt by electric shock.



Universal Use

With it, the mismatch between different standards is no longer a problem.

Scientific Design

Scientific design of plug jacks and copper pieces to ensure solid and safe.

Safty Door

Single metal bar or other objects in hands of young children can not be inserted.


Best Materials

850℃ flame retardant plastic shell, high purity phosphor bronze copper sheet, thickened and thickened power cord, power control switch and overload protection switch, both UL, VDE approved.


With child safety door, prevent naughty children from inserting metal objects into the jack, causing electric shock injuries. And our power strips have USB charging ports, no need to buy phone charger anymore.

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