To Be LDNIO Agent

To Be LDNIO Agent

Warmly welcome to contact us for our brand exclusive agent, product annual sales volume requirements will be based on the market size of different countries and regions for full friendly consultation, during which we will give the best support to agents.

Requirements of an Independent LDNIO Dealer:

Recognize LDNIO brand value.

Professional 3C products sales merchants.

Stable sales channels.

Complete customer service system.

By becoming our agent, you can enjoy the following benefits.

LDNIO has served our clients professionally for 20 years, we have a deep understanding of what you need most, and what you care about most.

Extensive product line

LDNIO brand covers cell phone charger, car charger, USB cable, power bank, power strip, over 300 products for you to choose from.

High quality products

LDNIO believes high quality product is the base of all business cooperation, we have invested a lot of time and money in improving quality control system.

Lowest purchase price

LDNIO offers the lowest purchase unit prices for our brand agents, we look forward to a long-lasting business cooperation.

One-stop attentive service

LDNIO provides research and development, design, production, sales in one, procurement, warehousing, logistics, customs clearance one-stop service.

Free agent training

LDNIO provides our agents with free training on product basic knowledge and maintenance & repair methods.

Perfect after-sales service

LDNIO provides free and long time after-sales service, supports our agents promotion activities in their local .


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