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Wall Charger

With more and more powerful phones and bigger screens, many users are feeling that the battery is not enough and that they cannot get a week-long battery life in their hands like in the Nokia era, and the great experience that smartphones offer dictates that we cannot go back to that era, so there are only other options to extend the battery life of our phones.


There are only two ways to extend the life of a smartphone, one is to increase the battery capacity of the phone so that it can store more power, and the other is to reduce the charging time. The first approach, which all mobile phone manufacturers are using, is limited by the slow development of battery technology, so it is not very effective. Everyone has opted for the second approach.


Qualcomm's QC fast charging started early, and then the major mobile phone manufacturers have released their own fast charging standards, Qualcomm's QC, Huawei's FCP, SCP, Samsung AFC, OPPO's VOOC and SuperVOOC, etc. Various fast charging standards are rapidly coming into the user's view, and mobile phone manufacturers are improving the battery life of their phones by shortening the charging time, for the battery whose technology is in a bottleneck This is a wise decision on the part of mobile phone manufacturers to improve battery life by shortening charging times for batteries that are at a bottleneck.

The development of fast charging point technology, and in particular the emergence of PD fast charging standards, has improved the efficiency of users and provided great convenience for their mobile phone use.
LDNIO follows in the footsteps of these charging standard developments and has made it as sole goal to provide the best charging experience for our users.



Leading Technology

Industry leading desktop charging station solutions, including various charging protocols and wireless charging.

Easy To Use

Tailored for office and home scenarios, it is small, fast charging and easy to use, meeting the charging needs of a wide range of devices.

Safe Guarantee

Built-in multiple active protection, fireproof and environment friendly materials, obtained CE, CB, UL, FCC and other multi-national certification.


High Technology

We have remained relatively conservative in our pursuit of technological advancement and support mainstream charging protocol.

Multiple Active Protection 

LDNIO has spared no expense in using multiple active protection technologies to ensure that no safety incidents such as explosions or fires occur.

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