Component Type 6 months 12 months
Power strip  
Wall/home charger  
Power bank  
WiFi Socket  
USB cable

Phone holder used in car



For out-of-warranty products

For out-of-warranty products, it is not accepted the defective products replacement, maintenance and other services.

Discontinued products

For discontinued products, it is impossible to provide replacement. But if the discontinued products are within the warranty period, they can be exchanged for equal value products through negotiation with our company.

The customer's logo products

For the customer's logo products, the warranty product amount can be converted into product compensation at the customer's next OEM order.

Defective products

We do not provide discount service for defective products that within warranty period provided by customers, only for replacement, but the products must be purchased from our company.

The quantity of the product exceeds 15PCS

If the quantity of the product exceeds 15PCS, it is necessary to send the product back to the factory for comprehensive testing and analyze the reason. We will provide new service to our customers within 7 days.

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