Do Phones Charge Slower On Low Power Mode

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Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. We use it for various purposes such as communication, entertainment, and work. However, one issue that almost every smartphone user faces is the problem of battery life. As a result, most people switch to low power mode to save battery life. But have you ever wondered whether your phone charges slower in low power mode? This article will examine this question in detail.

The Science behind Charging

Before we delve into the actual answer, let's first understand how charging works. A smartphone battery is made up of a chemical reaction that produces electricity. As the battery drains, the chemicals lose their charge, and the battery becomes less effective. A rechargeable battery works by reversing this process. When you plug your phone into a power source, the electrical current flows through the battery and reverses the reaction, thus recharging the battery.

Why Does Low Power Mode Slow Charging?

It is a common misconception that low power mode affects the charging speed of a phone. In reality, low power mode does not slow down the charging process. Instead, it reduces the energy consumption of the phone, which automatically slows down various other functions. When you activate low power mode, the phone reduces the brightness of the screen, stops background app refresh, reduces network activity, and optimizes the processor usage. These steps reduce the phone's energy consumption, making the battery last longer.

Does Charging Speed Depend on Other Factors?

Several other factors affect the charging speed of your phone. Your charger's wattage decides how fast your phone can charge. The higher the wattage, the faster your phone can charge. The length and quality of the charging cable also play a role in charging speed. Shorter cables charge faster than longer ones. Similarly, a good quality cable will charge your phone faster than a damaged one. Lastly, the temperature of your phone also affects charging speed. If your phone gets too hot, it may slow down the charging process to prevent battery damage.


In conclusion, low power mode does not slow down the charging process of a phone. Instead, it reduces the phone's energy consumption, making the battery last longer. To ensure that your phone charges quickly, use a high wattage charger, a high-quality charging cable, and keep the temperature of your phone in check. Thus, if you're worried about your phone's battery life, low power mode is an excellent tool for extending battery life without affecting charging speed.


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