How to Use a Wireless Charger?

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Your phone is about to die, and you don’t have enough time to charge it at home. Well, with the help of a car charger, you can charge your smartphone. If you don’t have a car charger, you can get a wireless charger you can take with you wherever you are. Charging your electronic devices with the help of a wireless charger has made our lives easier.

How to use a wireless charger? All you need to know

Using a wireless charger is not difficult, but still, if you use it for the first time. Here are a few steps that you must follow to get your device charged even while sitting in your car:

Desktop Wireless Charging Station AW004

Turn on the charger.

First of all, place your wireless charger on a firm surface. It must be plain because you must place your device on it later. You might have seen these videos on how you need to place the charger and then turn it on by turning on the vehicle. While charging your device in your car, place the charger on the dashboard.

Place the device on the charger

Once you turn on the wireless charger, place your device on the charger, but you have to check the charging mode. You can turn on the charger, but you will have to turn on the vehicle or set it to accessory mode. You might find retained accessory mode, too, depending on the wireless charging model.

Now place the phone on the charging symbol on the pad or in the pocket; it depends on the wireless charger model you are currently using. The charger won’t charge your device if it is not placed correctly on the charging pad or pocket.

The phone must be facing upward

Once you place the device, rightly you will see the charging symbol on your device. If the device is dead, it might take a minute to get started before it gets turned on again. But before placing the device on the charging pad, remove any kind of case or protective cover. Otherwise, there is a possibility that your device doesn’t get recharged, and the phone must be facing upward.

The charging has started

Now you just have to notice whether or not the charging sign has appeared on your device. Remove the cover case if it is still not getting charged. While driving, there is a possibility that your cellphone or any other small device gets to slide around the charging pad. So, ensure that you place the device firmly on the right spot of the wireless charging pad and keep an eye on it.

The charging symbol would tell

You can use a wireless car charger to charge your devices while traveling because those times of using wires to charge your devices are long gone. The tech has been updated, and you can see the charging symbol on the device. You will get to know the percentage of charging on your device, and once your device is fully charged, turn off the charger and enjoy using your device.

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