LDNIO will be exhibiting at Hong Kong on Apr. 18-21

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As a leading manufacturer of fast charging products for cell phones in China, LDNIO participates in countless exhibitions every year, and will not miss any exhibitions that are more influential in the world. In this warm and vibrant spring, LDNIO set its eyes on the upcoming Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show in April 18, we will bring our latest products to show our strong power and determination to serve our customers from all over the world.

In every previous year of the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show, LDNIO always got great success, receiving orders from customers in many countries around the world, providing them with tens of millions of products each year, as well as perfect after-sales service.

LDNIO focuses on orders, but even more on product quality and customer service. We are committed to the fact that every customer continues to praise us and maintain close business contact with us for years after the transaction is completed, so the number of LDNIO's customers, has been expanding at an amazing rate.

LDNIO believes thant we will meet more friends at the upcoming Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Show and deliver our philosophy - LDNIO everywhere in the world - to every corner of the world.

Let's wait and see what happens! 


See you in Hongkong!


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