What Is the Principle of Fast Charging of Mobile Phones?

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With the increasing demand of users for the battery life of mobile phones, mobile phone fast charging technology came into being. The rapid development of fast charging technology has provided a guarantee for the promotion of the diversification and practicality of large-screen mobile phones. More and more smartphones fast charging power has exceeded the 20W mark, and has launched an impact towards a higher power. What aspects of such a variety of fast charging technologies have been improved?

The core of a smartphone battery is still lithium-ion. The general battery capacity is around 3000mAh. It takes 3 to 4 hours for an ordinary 5V/1A charger to fully charge the battery. The fast charging technology can shorten the time to about 1 hour, which greatly improves efficiency. From a physical point of view, charging power is equal to the product of voltage and current. In the case of a certain amount of battery power, the power level indicates the speed of the charging speed. Currently, there are three main ways to shorten the charging time.

The current is constant and the voltage is increased

Under the condition that the current of the ordinary charger is maintained at 1A, the 220V voltage is reduced to the 5V charger voltage, and the 5V charger voltage is reduced to the 4.2V battery voltage. When the voltage is increased to 9V, the charging time can theoretically be compressed to 50%, but the disadvantage is that it will cause the charger and mobile phone to heat up and damage the battery.

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Constant voltage and increasing current

This technology increases the total value of current by adding multiple parallel circuits under the condition of constant low voltage. After the circuit is shunted in parallel, the sub-power borne by each part of the module is not large, which can well control the heat dissipation of the circuit and prevent the phone from getting hot.

Both voltage and current are increased

Although this method of increasing current and voltage at the same time can bring about a considerable increase in charging speed, the heat loss and shortening of the life of the circuit are also big problems, and the technology needs further development.

All in all, the fast charging solution is a comprehensive technical solution choice, and the above three solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. The pursuit of fast charging technology by ordinary consumers will provide a steady stream of research and development momentum to the market. In the future, engineers will also need to make breakthroughs in the research of new technologies, make fast charging technology safer and more reliable, and bring better experience to mobile phone users.

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