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What Is a Power Strip?

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Who has not used a power strip at home? Power strips have become a household accessory to the point of using them regularly in different rooms of the house.

An electrical power strip is a device where we can connect several electronic devices at the same time since it has several plugs. Most of the time we can find them when we have to plug in different household appliances or electronic devices that are together in the same place.

This is the case with computers or televisions, and other complementary devices. So, in this blog post, we shall be taking a deeper look at power strip in its entirety.

Important Facts about Power Strips

A power strip is a multiple socket outlet that is used to connect various electrical devices, depending on the number of plugs that can be inserted. Before purchase, you must consider the number of devices that you want to connect and the amperage that the strip allows, to avoid problems of overheating due to excess voltage.

They are available in many colors and shapes, also in modern turrets or multi-socket cubes. They may or may not have a switch to disconnect the power input at the strip.

1. Make use of switch strips

We must take a series of security measures if we want to avoid taking risks when using a power strip. The first is that if a power strip has ten plugs, let's try not to use all of them at the same time. This could overload it and cause a power outage or worse, several of the devices we have plugged in could break down.

If the strip is overloaded, the risk of short circuits and therefore possible fires is greater. It is the leading cause of fire in many homes. What we can do to avoid this is to always unplug the devices that we are not using while we can.

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2. Avoid plugging in more than two power strips simultaneously

This is a security measure that we must take to avoid possible overloads or short circuits. And it is that we can find a double power outlet, and plug in two power strips. This is not safe.

It is convenient to avoid doing this since electrical outlets have a limited amount of energy and by plugging in several power strips we are distributing that energy to plug in different devices, which could cause electrical incidents.

3. Do not plug in large appliances

The last piece of advice here is not to plug in large electrical appliances. They may include refrigerators, washing machines, radiators, and air conditioners, even dryers or irons.

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Power strips have become essential tools at home. It is normal because many times we do not have enough power outlets in a room. In this way, we can plug in the mobile charger, a lamp and the computer and many other appliances at the same time.

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