How to Choose the Best USB Charging Station

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There are a lot of digital devices that require USB power, such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, etc. However, there are only a few power outlets, so we frequently have to choose which devices to charge first. 

Having chargers for every device plugged into sockets will clutter our desktop. Using a USB charging station, also known as a USB charger station, is a far more elegant and energy-efficient option, which reduces clutter and requires only one outlet. 

Here is our guide to USB charging stations and the factors you should consider before you buy one.

Number of ports

You may think this step is simple: you need enough ports to charge all your devices. But don’t think “Alright, I have one smartphone, one tablet, and one ebook reader, therefore I need three ports.” The cost difference between models is trivial when priced on per-port basis; give yourself room to expand. If the goal is to cut down on clutter and only use one outlet, then you need to buy with an eye on future use. So buy a charger with a few more ports than you currently need.

65W Multi-ports Desktop Charging Station A6573C

Port types

All models of USB charging stations have a different combination of different types of ports. Check the specifications of your devices, so you know which ones you need. These days, it is common to find ports that supply different amperage, and also smart-charging ports that automatically detect the necessary current. These offer the most effective method of charging and deliver the best possible performance.
If a USB charging station has any Quick Charge ports, they are usually colored differently. These days many mobile phones support this type of charging, so it is a great feature to look for. Quick Charge ports are often also USB Type-C compatible.

Go stationary or go mobile?

When exploring your options for laptop and tablet charging stations, consider how users will access their devices. You will need to know whether you want a stationary unit that mounts to a desk, table, countertop or wall, or a mobile cart that can be wheeled from location to location in your building.

Wall-mount/Floor-standing charging stations

If the tablets or computers will be used in the same space every day, like in an individual classroom, or if all users must come to a centralized point frequently, such as a nursing station in a hospital, a charging station placed on a desk or mounted on a wall is a great choice.

65W Multi-ports Desktop Charging Station A6573C

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