How to Choose the Wall Charger for Your Device?

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Just like many other charging electronics, the USB Wall charger is the most used kind of product when it comes to charging not only our smartphones but a bunch of other devices; Such as Bluetooth headsets, controllers, Laptops and much more. There are many USB Wall chargers on the market. Today we will discuss how to choose the wall charger.

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Points to consider when buying a wall charger

An important thing to consider when buying a wall charger is what you need to charge from it, how many devices you will demand from it, and whether you need both USB-C and USB-A options or just USB-C.

What you need to remember is that for dual- and multi-port wall chargers, the rated wattage will always be shared across any connected devices. 

So that is to say, a wall charger with a maximum output of 65W with 3 charging ports will utilize the total 65W of power for one device when only that device is connected.

If you connected other devices, that would be shared across those devices at the manufacturer's configuration. A 100W USB-C wall charger with 4 ports could, in theory, fast-charge a MacBook Pro 16", but if other devices were connected, that 100W of power would be split across the devices.

20W PD+QC Fast Charger A2318C

 A quick breakdown of points to consider when buying a USB wall charger are:

  • What it is you need to charge
  • How many devices do you want to charge
  • The power output required if charging more extensive devices, such as laptops
  • The split power output configuration when multiple devices are connected 

In general, if you're charging one smartphone, any single-port USB-C charger will suffice for the average user, but it gets more complicated if you're going to be charging more than one device or more than one type of device.

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