How to Choose the Right Wireless Car Charger?

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Sometimes you forget to charge your phone at home, and now you have to go out, but your phone is almost dead. You can charge your phone in the car while you are going wherever you are going. You should get a wireless car charger if you don't want to get tangled in charger wires. It would be more convenient to charge than a USB charger for your phone.  

Tips for choosing the right wireless car charger

There is a variety of wireless car chargers available in the market nowadays. Well, you don't have to confuse if you want to buy the best one. Following are a few tips that will help you to select the right wireless car charger:

Charging speed time

First of all, you need to ask about the charging speed time of the wireless charger you are considering buying. The charging speed time depends on the wattage of the charger. There will be fast-charging wireless chargers available in the market. So, you can consider one of them if you want to charge your phone faster, but it might affect the battery health of your cellphone.

So, get a wireless charger to charge your phone without affecting your cellphone's battery life.

Is it UL certified?

Your safety is first; therefore, you need to get a wireless charger certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Never get a wireless charger that is not UL certified. You will be making a huge mistake, so you must prioritize your safety while buying any accessories for your cellphone. If the wireless charger is not UL-certified, then leave it there because it is not a suitable option for you to consider.

Charger size

There will be wireless chargers that would be a little bigger, but if you want to buy a handy one that would fit in your bag or your pocket, then you can buy a wireless charger that is small in size. So look for a portable wireless car charger you can take with you wherever you are traveling conveniently.

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Does it come with power sockets?

Some wireless charges come with power sockets, so if you want to charge your cellphone with the help of a USB. If the wireless tech is not working, you can charge your cellphone with a USB by connecting it to the charger.

1A model or 2A model

The last tip that would help you get the best wireless car charger would be to check the charger's model. The 2A model will charge your cellphone twice faster as the 1A model. If you are always in a hurry and your cellphone is always out of battery, you need to get a charger that charges your cellphone fast.

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