What Are the Factors That Affect the Charging Speed?

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If electricity is a super large water tank, the energy that a mobile phone can absorb is only a handful. Charging heads, data cables, and charging chips in the mobile phone are needed to control the voltage and current to meet the power consumption needs of mobile phones in various scenarios.

Therefore, during the entire charging process, the charging head, data cable, and charging chip in the mobile phone will affect the charging speed of the mobile phone.

The factors that affect the charging speed of the data line mainly include material, line length, and line thickness.

We can imagine that if a water pipe leaks, its water delivery capacity will be greatly reduced. The ranking of metal conductivity is silver>copper>aluminum>iron>zinc>tin. The materials of data cable cores mainly include tinned copper, aluminum-magnesium wire, enameled wire, bare copper, copper-plated iron core, galvanized iron core, iron core, etc. Although tinned copper is not as conductive as bare copper, tinned copper is more durable, so tinned copper data lines are more common, and some higher-end data lines even use silver-plated copper. The poorer data lines are likely to use copper plated core, galvanized iron core, iron core, copper clad steel, iron clad steel, etc.

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Whether the mobile phone is charging fast or not depends on the charging head

Can the charging heads of 5V1A, 5V2A, and 5V4A be the same? It is definitely different, and the charging power is different.

When you disassemble the charging head, you will find that the inside is quite complicated, including fuses, bridge stacks, high-frequency transformers, open source power supply control chips, common mode inductors, X capacitors, Y capacitors, smart charging chips, thermistors, filter capacitors, etc. It's not just a transformer as everyone thinks, it needs to convert the mains alternating current into direct current, and it is direct current that mobile phones can absorb. Today's charging heads are also smarter and can adapt to different output powers.

The charging chip in the mobile phone is a complete "housekeeper"

There is no doubt that a small charging chip can stump Apple, Huawei, and Samsung. European and American companies in the domestic power management chip market account for 80% of the market share. This chip determines how much power the battery can consume. It is because of the existence of this chip that the mobile phone can be used while charging.

Whether the charging speed of the mobile phone is fast is also managed by this chip. Whether the fast charging performance of the mobile phone is good or not, and whether the battery is durable depends largely on this chip. Therefore, the charging chip has become a well-deserved "housekeeper".

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